(D) Digha Nikaya [ongoing]

The Long Collection:

dialogues & accounts serving as a prospectus (34 suttas)

Sutta No.Traditional Listing
Sutta Discovery No.       Sutta title | Theme
D 1 Silakkhandha Vagga: the division on moral virtue (suttas no. 1-13)
D 1D 1.1SD 25Brahmajala Sutta.  The 62 grounds for wrong views. Commentarial Guide to the Brahmajala Sutta.
D 2D 1.2SD 8.10Samannaphala Sutta. The immediate benefits of the holy life.
D 3D 1.3SD 21.3Ambattha Sutta. Religious arrogance versus spiritual openness.
D 4D 1.4SD 30.5Sonadanda Sutta. Moral virtue is superior to status.
D 5D 1.5SD 22.8Kutadanta Sutta. The true sacrifice.
D 6D 1.6SD 53.4Mahali Sutta.
D 7D 1.7***Jaliya Sutta.
D 8D 1.8SD 73.12(Kassapa) Maha,siha,nada Sutta or Kassapa Siha,nada Sutta. The complete religious life.
D 9D 1.9SD 7.14Po­­tthapada Sutta. On the nature of consciousness and the self.
D 10D 1.10SD 40a.13(Ananda) Subha Sutta. The three trainings (Ananda to Subha).
D 11D 1.11SD 1.7Kevaddha Sutta. Miracles and what even God does not know.
D 12D 1.12SD 34.8Salavatika Lohicca Sutta. Good teachers and bad teachers.
D 13D 1.13SD 1.8Tevijja Sutta. Problems with the Creator-God idea.
D 2 Maha Vagga: the great division (suttas no. 14-23)
D 14D 2.1SD 49.8a & SD 49.8bMahapadana Sutta (SD 49.8a). The lineage of the buddhas and the Buddha’s life.

Mahapadana Sutta Notes (SD 49.8b: sutta notes & commentary).

D 15D 2.2SD 5.17Maha Nidana Sutta. Dependent arising, language and non-self.
D 16D 2.3SD 9Maha Parinibbana Sutta. The last days of the Buddha and our legacy.
D 16.23, 26D 2.3 (excerpt)SD 3.1(Maha Parinibbana Sutta) Be an island unto yourself! See under Essays.
D 16.4.7-11D 2.3 (excerpt)SD 3.1(Mahâpadesa Sutta) The 4 great references: see under Essays.
D 17D 2.4SD 36.12Maha Sudassana Sutta. A mythology of meditation.
D 18D 2.5SD 62.3Jana,vasabha Sutta.
D 19D 2.6SD 63.4Maha Govinda Sutta.
D 20D 2.7SD 54.4Mahasamaya Sutta. A god-believer’s way to the Buddha.
D 21D 2.8SD 54.8Sakka,panha Sutta. The erotic, the spiritual and streamwinning.
D 22D 2.9SD 13.2Maha Satipa­­tthana Sutta. The focuses of mindfulness and the truths.
D 23D 2.10SD 39.4Payasi Sutta. Karma, rebirth and proper giving.
D 3 Patika Vagga: the Patika division (suttas no. 24-34)
D 24D 3.1SD 63.3Patika Sutta. Miracles are no measure of spirituality.
D 25D 3.2SD 1.4Udumbarika Sihanada Sutta. The Buddha pays back a zealot in his own coins.
D 26D 3.3SD 36.10Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta. Worldly power and spiritual power.
D 27D 3.4SD 2.19Aggañña Sutta. On the evolution of the world, society and universal values.
D 28D 3.5SD 14.14Sampasadaniya Sutta. Sariputta’s lion-roar and the Buddha’s 16 unsurpassables.
D 29D 3.6SD 40a.6Pasadika Sutta. The condition for failure and success in a religion.
D 30D 3.7SD 36.9Lakkhana Sutta. The 32 marks of the great man.
D 31D 3.8SD 4.1Sigalovada Sutta. The lay code of ethics and social responsibilities.
D 32D 3.9SD 101.1Atanatiya Sutta.
D 33D 3.10***Sangiti Sutta.
D 33.2.1(25)D 3.10 (excerpt)SD 3.2(5.2)(Sangiti Sutta) or Vimuttayatana Sutta. Opportunities to enter the path. See under Essays.
D 34D 3.11***Dasuttara Sutta.