Dharma Drive (USB thumb drive)

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The Living Word of the Buddha

The Buddha’s Teachings in the Earliest Texts

The Sutta Discovery series by Piya Tan, beginning in 2002, and still going on.

The most direct way to learn Buddhism is to read and live the Pali suttas which contains some of the oldest records we have of the Buddha’s teachings.  As we search these scriptures, we will discover our­selves amidst their stories, teach­ings and practices, and even take a first step towards spiritual awakening.

This series will also help you learn how to learn and master the Pali Canon: to locate suttas, teach­ings and stories, and have an idea of how Suttas are trans­mitted and translated.  Wherever feasible, comparative studies will be made between the Pali, Sanskrit and Chinese (Agama) versions of the suttas. If you can read this message, you are ready to study the Sutta translations. No deep knowledge of Buddhism is needed. [Read on for…. 20 reasons for the SD series.]

Portable Dharma – easy dharma learning wherever you are

The drive contains Sutta Discovery vols 1 to 49a (pdf), sutta teach­ings (MP3 recordings) & books by Piya Tan.

To make an order (by donation), please email: themindingcentre@gmail.com, or call Ratna Lim at hp 8211 0879.