Printing the suttas

That the World May Hear the Buddha Word

Sutta Discovery Publication Project (since 2002)

“The most detailed Sutta translation today”

(1) 20 reasons for Sutta Discovery series

1. It is a global resource for Buddhism scholars and Buddhist students.

2. The SD series is based on themes to sustain an interesting and connected reading. (SD 37 for example is based on Right Livelihood.)

3. Detailed notes on difficult words, names, and doctrines; & bibliographies.

4. The Sutta’s peyyala (repetitive cycles) (especially those on Dharma train­ing) are translat­ed in full, for reflection by monastics and lay practitioners.

5. The works are paragraphed, subtitled and numbered in a reader-friendly way for easy reading in a scribal tradition (opposite of oral tradition).

6. A high standard of referencing and cross-references to other Suttas, essays, journal arti­cles, etc, that are helpful to specialists and students, for discus­sion or self-study.

7. A broad-based translation that uses alternative translations, amplified trans­lations, and comparative studies with Sanskrit, Chinese and other texts where necessary.

8. It includes a digest of the related and latest scholarly researches and writings, summar­ized, explain­ed and discussed.

9. They serve as comprehensive sources and resources for study and teach­ing notes for Dharma teach­ers, researchers and students.

10. Easy-to-use handbook for monastics (especially forest monks) and practi­tioners for Sutta readings (for recording on MP3 etc) and for meditation.

11. Socially-engaged studies and essays to inspire social workers: it addresses various social and historical issues affecting Buddhism and religion.

12.  The SD texts are freely available online at our websites, &, and also separately on USB drives. They can be freely used as is.

USB Flash Drive with TMC logo (33 mm x 16 mm x 4 mm / 5.8 g)

13. The SD texts form the basis of an online Buddhist studies course.

14. The SD notes and studies are the materials for other reference projects such as Dictionary of the Buddha’s Words, A Sutta Dictionary, A Dharma Dictionary, Numerical Dictionary of Dharma and Sutta Index.

15. The translated Suttas will be published separately according to Nikaya, that is, The Long Texts, The Middle-length Texts, The Connected Texts and the Numerical Texts.

16.  The SD series is inspired by the Mere Buddhist vision, simple Dharma-moved living that brings awake­n­ing in this life itself.

17.  The SD series is the basis for Dharma-based reforms in Buddhism today.

18.  It is a historical and practical guide to early Buddhist meditation.

19.  A helpful introduction to the study of key Pali terms and passages.

20.  An excellent and enduring gift of the Dharma to others.

(2) A history of the Sutta Discovery series

  • started with the NUS Buddhist Society weekly Sutta Study Group (SSG) classes in February 2002 and
  • the Buddhist Fellowship since February 2003 to date (Tuesdays).
  • A new volume of translations and essays (A4 size, averaging 200 pages) is released every 3 months; SD 1 & 2 available in book form.
  • The SD Suttas are studied at TMC since 2006 (Wednesdays).
  • By Sep 2012, Piya has completed at least 42 volumes of the Sutta Discovery. By 2030, over 100 SD volumes have been projected. Our ISBN is registered as ISBN 978-981-xx-xxxx-x.

Beginning 2010, the SD Publication Project has published SD vol 1 & 2  in book form. Your support can help us print more SD volumes.

Latest SD by Piya Tan

SD 2 cover

Sutta Discovery vol 1 cover

(3) Projected costs of Printing the Suttas

1. This pioneer effort will be a “LIMITED EDITION” of 1500 copies of the Sutta Discovery series, but more may be printed if we have sufficient funds and demand.

2. FREE COPIES will be distributed to interested Sangha members, Buddhist centres, tertiary societies, libraries, and students.

3. Part of the publication will be available on the open market TO GENERATE FUNDS for printing other SD volumes and related works, and for supporting Piya Tan’s Dharma work.

4. YOU CAN HELP in the following ways, besides publicizing this project for us:

(1)   READER                 Donation of $20.00 or more, entitled to a free copy.

(3) STEWARD              Donation of $500.00 and above.

(4) FULL SPONSOR    Donation of $5000.00 (cost of printing 1500 copies of each SD Volume and mailing charges).


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