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SD 60a: Meditation in society [isbn 978-981-18-4362-4]

Meditation is the ground from which we rise into the space of freedom.

SD No.Sutta or Chapter TitleSutta referenceTheme
60.0SD 60 a contents & TMC activities
Table of Contents
60.1aCharacter analysis  
60.1b1-2 Samatha & vipassana. Intro & Burmese Vipassana A brief social history and psychology of meditation teachers and their teachings
60.1b3-6 Samatha & vipassana. Siamese Kammatthanna  
60.1b7 Samatha & vipassana. Samatha-Vipassana variations  
60.1b8-15 Samatha & vipassana. Pa Auk Sayadaw  
60a Bibliography  
Backcover: 20 reasons for translating suttas  
SD No.Sutta or Chapter TitleSutta referenceTheme
64.17 Bad friendship Tha 387-392; S 5.35; Dh 33 f; S 6.2.8; D 16.2.26; Dh 160; A 5.88; U 4.1.7. Avoiding unwholesome teacher-pupil relationship and abuse of religion.
66.13Monastics, sex and marriage
Renunciation, monastic celibacy and the challenges of secularism and modernism with special reference to Japanese Buddhism up to the end of the 20th century