Selected Essays fr SD


Selected Essays from Sutta Discovery

SD No.Chapter TitleSutta referenceTheme
38.4Love: a Buddhist perspective on friendship, humanity and life Love: a Buddhist perspective on friendship, humanity and life.
38.5Brahmavihara: the divine abode The practical cultivation of divinity in man.
39.1Group Karma: An early Buddhist perspective.M 130.4; A 3.35; M 142.8; A 3.57; Mv 11.1; Vv 5.1; VvA 216-219; A 5.148; D 31; A 3.69.Group karma? An early Buddhist perspective.
59.6Partial preceptsBuddhism: academic study and text-based practice
64.17Bad friendship Tha 387-392; S 5.35; Dh 33 f; S 6.2.8; D 16.2.26; Dh 160; A 5.88; U 4.1.7.Avoiding unwholesome teacher-pupil relationship and abuse of religion.
66.13Monastics, sex and marriage Renunciation, monastic celibacy and the challenges of secularism and modernism with special reference to Japanese Buddhism up to the end of the 20th century
89.10Bhattuddesaka Sutta: The Discourse on the Meal-stewardA 4.20  Freedom from the 4 biases