(V) Vinaya

Sutta SD No.
Sutta [Topic]
( )19See under Essays.
V 1:4-8121.2dWhy the Buddha hesitated. The decision to teach.
V 1:7121.3aWhy the Buddha hesitated. The three lotus ponds.
V 1:8121.4Why the Buddha hesitated. Upaka.
V 1:14 f12Anatta,lakkha?a Sutta = S 22.59.
V 1:15-21112The Great Commission. The story of Yasa; the sending of the first missioners.
V 2:9-13111Assaji-Punabbasuka Vatthu. Admonishing others in the Dharma.
V 2:201 f467(Cv 7.4.6) D?ta Sutta. The qualities of a messenger or a counsellor.
V 2:236 ff592(The parable of the great ocean) = A 8.20 = U 5.5.
V 2:290 f3714How Robes are Recycled. = DhA 2.1/1:218-220; J 157/2:23 f.
V 2:294 ff419Money and Monastics. Buddhist law; Right livelihood. See under Essay.

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