SSD 1 – 9

SSD 1: The buddha’s early teachings (in progress)

SSD no.Sutta or Chapter Title
Sutta referenceTheme
SSD 1.1Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta (simplified) | The Discourse on the Turning of the Wheel of TruthS 56.11The Buddha’s first discourse.
SSD 1.2Anatta Lakkhana Sutta (simplified) |  The Discourse on the Non-self CharacteristicS 56.12The 3 characteristics, the 5 aggregates, and non-self.
SSD 1.3Aditta (Pariyaya) Sutta (simplified) | The Fire SermonS 35.28 = Mv 1.21All is burning with greed, hate, and delusion.
SSD 1.41. Udumbarika Sihanada Sutta (er: easy reading) | The Discourse on the Lion-roar at Udumbarika

2. Udumbarika Sihanada Sutta (re: reflective reading) | The Discourse on the Lion-roar at Udumbarika

 D 25The Dharma’s true purpose & the spiritual bases for interfaith dialogue.
SSD 1.5 Veludvareyya Sutta (simplified) | Discourse to the People of Bamboo GateS 22.7  The 4 precepts, the golden rule, values, and streamwinning.