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SD 30: Skillful means (ISBN 978-981-08-5648-9)

Skillful means is the virtuous peak of wisdom and compassion.

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30.0contents & tmc activities SD 30 contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
30.1Pañcakanga SuttaS 36.19 = M 59Models of truth and true happiness.
30.2Maha Vedalla SuttaM 43The body, the mind, and liberation.
30.3Sabbasava SuttaM 2Methods of overcoming all our defilements.
30.4Bahuvedaniya SuttaM 59 = S 36.19Models of truth and true happiness.
30.5Sonadanda SuttaD 4The characteristic of a true brahmin.
30.6Attha Mettanisamsa SuttaA 8.1The 8 benefits of lovingkindness cultivation.
30.7Metta Bhavana SuttaIt 1.3.7The benefits of lovingkindness.
30.8Upaya: skillful means(Essay)Skillful means and its significance.
30.9(Dasaka) Upali SuttaA 10.99Upali is advised not to live the solitary forest life.
30.10Dhammaññu SuttaA 7.64The qualities of a true individual.

SD 31: Latent tendencies (ISBN 978-981-08-6586-3)

Our habits keep us in an endless cyclic rut.

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31.0contents; related classes and activities SD 31 contents; sutta classes and courses at TMC
31.1Pahana SuttaS 36.3Overcoming the latent tendencies.
31.2(Kammavada) Bhumija SuttaS 12.25Not all karmas arise consciously.
31.3Anusaya: Latent tendencies(Essay)The self, habits, awareness and liberation.
31.4Aññatara Bhikkhu Sutta 1S 22.35We are what we know.
31.5Magandiya SuttaM 75The disadvantages of sensual pleasures.
31.6Acchariya SuttaA 4.128The marvels associated with the Buddha’s Arising.
31.7Sexuality: a Buddhist perspective(Essay)Sexuality: A Buddhist perspective.
31.8aAnusaya Ananda SuttaA 3.32aPossibility of overcoming I-making.
31.8bAnusaya Sariputta SuttaA 3.32bOvercoming I-making.
31.9Unconscious Views(Essay)An examination of some Buddhist terms for mind-body processes.
31.10Ahara Avijja SuttaA 10.61Conditions giving rise to ignorance and to liberation.
31.11Ahara Tanha SuttaA 10.62Conditions giving rise to craving and to liberation.
31.12Three Roots Inc(Essay)How the three unwholesome roots are institutionalized.
31.13Mana Sona SuttaS 22.49The three psychological complexes.
31.14Aññatara Bhikkhu Sutta 2S 22.36We are our latent tendencies.
31.15Tanha Jalini SuttaA 4.199How craving manifest itself in 108 ways.

SD 32: Mental Hindrances (ISBN 978-981-08-7376-9)

A mental hindrance is when the mind sees not itself.

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32.0SD 32 contents; classes and courses at TMC Contents and TMC activities.
32.1Nivarana, mental hindrances(Essay)The 5 barriers to mental focus and how to break through them.
32.2Kamacchanda, desire for sense-pleasures(Essay)Desire for sense-pleasures: the 1st of the five mental hindrances.
32.3Avarana SuttaA 5.51The 5 mental hindrances are like mountain streams.
32.4Cula Dhamma Samadana SuttaM 454 types of behaviour in terms of moral virtue.
32.5Vyapada, ill will(Essay)Ill-will: the 2nd of the five mental hindrances.
32.6Thinamiddha, sloth and torpor(Essay)Sloth and torpor: the 3rd of the five mental hindrances.
32.7Uddhaccakukkucca: restlessness and worry(Essay)Restless and worry: the 4th of the five mental hindrances.
32.8Vicikiccha, spiritual doubt(Essay)Spiritual doubt: the 5th of the five mental hindrances.
32.9Kandaraka SuttaM 51The 4 kinds of persons.
32.10Kim Mulaka SuttaA 8.83The nature of all things in brief.
32.11Sannojana SuttaS 41.1Citta explains the nature of the mental fetters to the monks.
32.12Thinamiddha Tissa SuttaS 22.84Drowsiness can be overcome by insight.
32.13Suppati SuttaS 4.7The wise deserve their rest.
32.14(Majjhima) Cetokhila SuttaM 16How the mind can be enriched and liberated.
32.15Kankha Revata SuttaU 5.7Spiritual purification through overcoming doubt.
32.16Bibliography Bibliography

SD 33: Dhyana (ISBN 978-981-08-7377-6)

Dhyana is the mind fully and blissfully free from the body.

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33.0contents; sutta classes & related courses SD 33 contents; sutta classes and TMC courses
33.1aSamadhi(Essay)The significance of mental concentration in early Buddhism.
33.1bThe Buddha discovered dhyana.(Essay)The nature of dhyana as a basis for liberation33.1b (2.1) Pancalacanda Sutta (S 2.7).
33.2(Pancalacanda) Sambadha SuttaA 9.42The Buddha is the discoverer of dhyana.
33.3aVivekaja SuttaS 28.1How an arhat enjoys meditation.
33.3bEkadasaka Cetanakaraniya SuttaA 11.2Spiritual growth progresses naturally from moral virtue.
33.4Vitakkavicara(Essay)Thinking, mindfulness and dhyana.
33.5Gopaka Moggallana SuttaM 108Not all dhyanas are praised by the Buddha.
33.6Rahogata SuttaS 36.11Dhyana and feeling.
33.7(Arahatta) Bahiya SuttaU 1.10The time to learn is now (Bahiya Daruciriya).
33.8Asavakkhaya Jhana SuttaA 9.36The dhayanas lead to spiritual liberation.
33.9Nanakarana Metta Sutta 1A 4.125Going to heaven can end up in being reborn in the hells.
33.10(Nanakarana) Metta Sutta 2A 4.126Cultivating the divine abodes to attain non-return.
33.11Annathatta Ananda Sutta 1S 22.37The aspects of impermanence.
33.12Annathatta Ananda Sutta 2S 22.38The aspects of impermanence.
33.13Samadhi Pancangika SuttaA 5.28Characteristic of dhyana.
33.14Uddesa Vibhanga SuttaM 138How to be mindful internally and externally.

SD 34: Spiritual Friendship (ISBN 978-981-08-7378-3)

A spiritual friend is one who keeps our hearts calm and clear.

SD No.Chapter titleSutta referenceTheme
34.0SD 34 contents SD 34 contents
34.1Spiritual friendship: a textual studyEssayThe nature and duties of friendship.
34.2Meghiya SuttaA 9.3 ~ U 4.1Spiritual friendship conduces to mental development.
34.3Kalyanamitta Appamada Sutta or Kalyanamtta Sevana Sutta or Kalyanamitta Sutta or Appamada SuttaS 3.18The Buddha as a spiritual friend.
34.4Potthilatthera Vatthu DhA 20.7 on Dh 282The power of faith in spiritual growth.
34.5Cult BuddhismEssayThe blurring and abuse of Buddhism.
34.6Cankamana Sutta or Cankama SuttaS 14.15We tend to see others in own own image.
34.7Catuma SuttaM 67Four dangers that renunciants must overcome.
34.8Salavatika Lohicca SuttaD 12Good teachers and bad teachers.
34.9Upaddha SuttaS 45.2Spiritual friendship is the holy life.
34.10Kalyanamittata Sariputta SuttaS 45.3Spiritual friendship is the whole of the holy lie.
34.11Kalyanamitta SuttaS 45.49The external condition for the noble eightfold path.
34.12Yoniso Manasikara Sampada SuttaS 45.55The internal condition for the noble eightfold path.
34.13Piya Mitta Sutta 1A 7.35Qualities of a true friend (a layman).
34.14Piya Mitta Sutta 2A 7.36Qualities of a true friend (a monastic).
34.15Sabbhi SuttaS 1.31Associating with the good.

SD 35: Wisdom 2 (ISBN 978-981-08-9269-2)

The truth is in here (in your heart).

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35.0SD 35 contents & TMC activitiesContentsSD 35 contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
35.1Necessity and sufficiency in early Buddhist conditionalityEssayBasic notions in dependent arising.
35.2Lokayatika Brahmana SuttaA 9.38The world’s end cannot be reached by going.
35.3Kundaliya SuttaS 46.4The Buddha’s teaching leads to spiritual liberation.
35.4a (1)Kesaputtiya Sutta Introduction or Kalama Sutta or Kesamitti(ya) SuttaA 3.65Introduction to Kesaputtiya Sutta.
35.4a (2)Kesaputtiya Sutta or Kalama Sutta or Kesamitti(ya) SuttaA 3.65True religious worth spiritual assurance.
35.4a (3)Kesaputtiya Sutta Commentary or Kalama Sutta or Kesamitti(ya) SuttaA 3.65Sutta Commentary.
35.4bKesaputtiya Sutta, a comparative studyA 3.65, MA 16The Pali sutta and the Chinese Agama version.
35.5Apannaka SuttaM 60Why doing good is better than not.
35.6Vimamsaka SuttaM 47Even the Buddha should be investigated.
35.7Sandaka SuttaM 76False religions.

SD 36a: Buddhism & Mythology (ISBN 978-981-08-9876-2)

A myth tells us more about ourselves than real life can [2012a, last updated on 8 Dec 2011]

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36.0SD 36a contents & TMC activitiesContentsSD 36 contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
36.1Myth in BuddhismEssaySymbols and stories in our actions and the potential for good.
36.2Buddha as MythEssayUniversal themes in the Buddha’s life.
36.3Subha SuttaS 4.3Restraint of body and mind keeps Mara away.
36.4Mara Tajjaniya SuttaM 50Moggallana’s past life as Mara Dusi.
36.5Satta Vassa SuttaS 4.24Mara is unable to find a single weakness in the Buddha.
36.6Mara Dhitu SuttaS 4.25The Buddha is not affected by negative past memories.
36.7Pajjota SuttaS 1.26The source of light and heat.
36.8Magadha SuttaS 2.4The source of light and heat.
36.9Lakkhana SuttaD 30The 32 marks of a great man.

SD 36b: Buddhism & Mythology (ISBN 978-981-07-1740-7)

A myth tells us more about ourselves than real life can [2012a, last updated on 10 Mar 2012]

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36b36b contents & TMC activitiesContentsSD 36b contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
36.10Cakkavatti Sihanada SuttaD 26Political power and spiritual power.
36.11Mara Samiddhi SuttaS 4.22Mara is overcome by knowledge.
36.12Maha Sudassana SuttaD 17A mythology of meditation.
36.13(Pada) Dona SuttaA 4.36The Buddha is only one of a kind.
36.14Dona Brahmana SuttaA  5.1925 types of brahmins and five types of monastics.
36.15(Tathagata) Acchariya Sutta 1A 4.1274 marvels attending the Buddha’s advent & Buddhist developments.
36.16Gomaya SuttaS 22.96The impermanence of all luxuries.
36.17Maha Sudassana JatakaJ 95A mythology of impermanence.

SD 37: Right livelihood 1 (ISBN 978-981-07-2205-0)

Right livelihood is living and working as if life and happiness really matter

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37.0SD 37 Contents & TMC activitiesContentsSD 37 contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
37.1Vasettha SuttaM 98You are what you do.
37.2aPapanika Sutta 1A 3.19The conditions for wealth to arise.
37.2bPapanika Sutta 2S 3.20How to be rich and happy.
37.3Runna SuttaA 3.103The way of the world is not for monastics.
37.4Nalakapana SuttaM 68The destinies of the true disciples and the purpose of the holy life.
37.5Ina SuttaA 6.45Karma is like debts and interests that accumulate.
37.6Ariya Dhana Sutta 1 & 2A 7.5 & A 7.6The virtues of great assistance & the laymen’s great commission.
37.7Anangana SuttaM 5A monastic’s right livelihood.
37.8Right livelihoodEssayThe nature of wealth & living the spiritual life in the world.
37.9Esukari SuttaM 96The nature of true service.
37.10(Ciratthita) Kula SuttaA 4.255Four things that make a wealthy family stand long.
37.11Navaka Upagantabba Kula SuttaA 9.17Nine conditions when a family may be approached.
37.12Patta Kamma SuttaA 4.61How to enjoy the benefits of both worlds.
37.13How Pasenadi overcomes his gluttonyS 3.13; DhA 15.7Donapaka Sutta & Pasenadi Kosala Vatthu.
37.14How robes are recycledV 2:290; DhA 2.1 & J 157Accounts from the Vinaya and Commentaries.

SD 38: Love & compassion (ISBN 978-981-07-3178-6) [2012]

Love is the wisdom and action as if others are our mirrors

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38.0SD 38 contents, TMC courses & activitiesContentsSD 38 contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
38.1Kakacupama SuttaM 21Monastics must practise complete patience and non-violence.
38.2Candupama SuttaS 16.3Impure and pure ways of teaching the Dharma.
38.3Karaniya Metta SuttaKhp 9 = Sn 1.8How to cultivate lovingkindness.
38.4LoveEssayLove: a Buddhist perspective on friendship, humanity and life.
38.5Brahmavihara: the divine abodesEssayThe practical cultivation of divinity in man.
38.6(Brahmavihara) Subha SuttaM 99Godliness is within ourselves.
38.7(Piya) Mallika SuttaS 3.8 = U 5.1As we love ourselves, so do others love themselves.
38.8(Pasenadi) Piya SuttaS 3.4How to love ourself.
38.9Atta Rakkhita SuttaS 3.5The best protection is self-protection.

SD 39: Karma 3 [ISBN 978-981-07-4839-5] (2012)

We are what we think, say and do

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39.0SD 39 contentsContentsSD 39 contents; sutta classes & courses at TMC
39.1Group KarmaEssayGroup karma? An early Buddhist perspective.
39.2Isayo Samuddaka SuttaS 11.10Bad comes to the bad-doer.
39.3Sabba Kamma Jaha Sutta or Kammavipakaja SuttaU 3.1How to be untroubled by karma.
39.4Payasi SuttaD 23Karma, rebirth and proper giving.
39.5(Jati) Paccaya SuttaS 12.20Dependent arising as natural order of things.
39.6Aghata Pativinaya SuttaA 5.162Anger management.
39.7Samsappaniya Pariyaya SuttaA 10.205We are our own karma.
39.8Sevitabbasevitabba SuttaM 114Things that are helpful and that are unhelpful in our life.
39.9Asibandhakaputta SuttaS 42.6Prayers do not affect a person’s destiny or afterlife.
39.10(Kamma) Mallika SuttaA 4.197Beauty, wealth and power as karmic fruits.
39.11(Brahmacariya) Maha Kotthita SuttaA 9.13The reward of holy life is not good karma, but liberation through the truth.
39.12(Avijja) Paccaya SuttaS 12.27Specific conditionality and ignorance as the root of dependent arising.